1 About the products

Question What is the difference between the VITALISM series of products and other ordinary hair care products?


Our series contains Pyromidirol, a complex ingredient only found in our products. Pyromidirol is a carefully balanced compound of Pyrrolidinyl diamino pyrimidine oxide, Saccharomyces lysate extract, Amur cork bark extract, water-soluble collagen, and hydrolyzed collagen. This ingredient keeps your hair and scalp moist and gives your hair body.

Question What is this “iPS” in the ingredients list?


It is a beauty ingredient that gets it name from the pluripotent stem cell, the iPS cell. Skin cells are constantly self-regenerating through the capacity for regrowth of adult stem cells. Many studies have focused on the stem cells between the gaps in the basal layer of the epidermis as being important for regeneration of the skin. Our VITALISM series product contains stem cell extract derived from Arugan tree buds, only found in the desert in southwestern Morocco. The Arugan tree will not wither even it does not receive rain for 7 years

Question How long can I use the liquid after the seal is broken?


Use the products as soon as possible after you have broken the seal.

Question What is the most effective way to use these?


Lather and rinse your hair and scalp twice when you shampoo. Before shampooing, wet your hair thoroughly with warm water, and it will already be 80% clean. A pre-wash results in better lathering with less rubbing. Then, spread the shampoo all over your hair and scalp. During the first shampooing, wash your hair with just the lather. During the second shampooing, gently wash your scalp with your fingertips. At this stage, massaging your scalp may also be helpful. Then, wash out all the shampoo, so none is left on your scalp. Put the appropriate amount of conditioner in your palm, and spread it through to reach the damaged tips of your hair. Apply conditioner twice to the hair tips or wrap a hot towel around your head and leave it on for 5 minutes. Your hair will end up being moist and smooth.
Spray our scalp tonic on the top of your scalp and along your hairline, if it is receding. Then spread the tonic, using your fingertips, massaging your scalp. It will be effective to move your scalp around and push it toward the top of your head.

2 About hair care products

Question Why does people’s hair lose body as they age?


The character of women’s hair changes as female hormones decrease with age. Women’s hair starts to get thinner in their 40s, so their hair body also decreases. This same effect also occurs around the time of delivering a baby, due to temporary hormonal changes. It is believed that men’s hairlines recede because of changes in their hormone balance that accompany aging.

Question Normally, I dry my hair without using a dryer. Is it better for my hair to use a dryer?


Use your drier, but make sure you set it at the appropriate level. When hair is wet, the cuticles are open and this makes the hair temporarily fragile. Therefore, it is important to dry the hair to the appropriate level. Natural drying (without using a dryer) may leave the hair in a fragile state, and vulnerable to damage from friction and other negative effects. In addition, the cuticles will be left open and the hair will become parched. After shampooing, remove much of the moisture from your hair with a towel. Then, dry the rest of the way using a dryer as a finishing process. At this stage, blow hot air from the roots to the tips to smooth down the cuticles and leave your hair lustrous. Excessive use of a dryer will have a negative effect. However, we do recommend moderate use of a dryer.

Question What causes hair to thin and fall out?


Men’s hair thins and falls out because of many factors, including male hormones and heredity. One important cause is the combination of male hormones with the male hormone receptors in the dermal papilla cells (called the androgen receptors), activated by 5α reductase. This very strongly inhibits hair growth and promotes thinning. Unbalanced nutrition, smoking, lack of sleep, and stress are also causes of thinning hair.

3 To order

Question Questions about ordering and delivery.


To order on line, you can make a purchase at the Don Quijote ONLINE Shopping Mall. Please contact the Don Quijote Online Shopping Mall for details about ordering.