Now you can care for your scalp while having a daily shampoo.

VITALISM is a series of shampoos and conditioners. They were developed by a scalp health professional with the novel idea that you should be able to care for both your hair and scalp at the same time.

We took a professional perspective on hair and scalp care to make good things to support real health.
It’s important that no petrochemical surfactants are used in these products.

Gulcocide family cleaning agents, vegetable ingredients, are blended into products that can be used even on babies. Each time you use one of these, you receive the lift of spirits that herbal aromas inspire.

You never enjoyed your daily shampoo this much, when you used your old shampoo.

'VITALISM' means the 'Vital principle.’ That’s why we chose this name.

We only included needed ingredients, not useless ones.
The spirit behind the development of these products is also expressed in the simple and stylish design of their bottles.


The industry's first!
Pyromidirol compounding

The Pyromidirol is a new component that Protex Japan, Inc. has developed, is a new cosmetic raw materials was born in 2013 repeated the basic research and component composite experiment more than a year at the National University Corporation Nara Women's University.
Shin Tomori producer was adopted formulated for the first time vitalism series this Pyromidirol as a component in Japan.

Component of Pyromidirol

Pyrrolidinyl distearate amines, pyrimidine oxide, Saccharomyces lysate extract, Amur cork bark extract, water-soluble collagen.

Product features

  1. 1
    Silicone-free formulation to care for your scalp.
    Our shampoos and treatments are silicone-free. We developed our formulations to be gentle to your hair and scalp. They do not have any petroleum surfactants or synthetic dyes.
  2. 2
    Contain no petroleum surfactants or synthetic dyes.
    Glucoside family of detergents and amino acid detergent are used.
  3. 3
    A Glucoside family ingredient for shampoo that is good for your skin. *2(Derived from vegetable
    material) + amino acid*3
    Gulcocide family detergent is made from glucose and helps retain moisture. It is gentle to the skin and is even used in baby products. It maintains the hair’s moisture, prevents drying and makes your scalp flexible.
  1. 4
    Moisturizing ingredient: Collagen *4 / Vegetable iPS ingredient *5
    Collagen *4 is an especially effective skin care ingredient and vegetable iPS ingredient *5. It reaches the stratum corneum of the scalp, providing a healthy state and flexible moisture.
  2. 5
    Contains 8 types of amino acids
    8 types of amino acids treat your hair and make your scalp healthy.
  3. *1: Pyrrolidinyl carbamate distearate amino pyrimidine oxide / Saccharomyces lysate extract / Amur cork tree bark extract / Water-soluble collagen / Hydrolyzed collagen *2: Decylglucoside *3: Cocoil glutamic acid *4: Hydrolyzed collagen *5: Argania spinosa bud cell extract *6: Serine Glycine / Glutamic acid / Alanine / Lysine / Arginine / Threonine / Proline *7: Laures / Sodium sulfate

Shampoo everyday is fun,pleasant fragrance

Floral herbal
Blended sweet and feminine scents, including geranium and rose on a lavender base. This will surround you with a warm and gentle aroma, like a basket full of flowers. Both men and women will find this aroma soothing.
Floral green
An herbal blend of bergamot and other green notes creates an exotic and sophisticated aroma. Refreshingly sweet aroma, at the same time nostalgic and modern.
photo of Dr. Arata Tomori

The developer and producer of VITALISM
Omotesando Skin Clinic

Dr. Arata Tomori

Products developed to be good for both the hair and scalp.These products were created with this simple image in mind.

We wanted to create products that would provide both hair and scalp care through daily shampooing. VITALISM was born from this wish for hair care products that result in beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. If your scalp tends to feel tight and tired, massage with your fingers while washing it and you will feel more refreshed than you ever did using an ordinary shampoo. As this shampoo is made using a gentle detergent that is also used for baby shampoo, your hair will be smooth and soft after rinsing. As you enjoy the aroma based on herbs, you mind will also be refreshed. This shampoo is made by carefully selected and blended ingredients that are good for both the hair and scalp, so you can care for your scalp while you are caring your hair. Using this shampoo is a new health habit for people who want their hair to look beautiful.

photo of MD. Takahiro Matsuki

Development staff responsible for VITALISM
Omotesando Skin Clinic

MD. Takahiro Matsuki

'Scalp care that you can do in your home',brought to you by scalp care professionals.

As a hair specialist, I believe the most important hair care is preventive care. I am often consulted by patients who are worried about their hair, and I always think: ’I wish these patients had started taking care of their scalps earlier!' The first important point is that you must not leave your scalp in an uncomfortable and stressed condition. Then,

  1. 1. Keep your scalp clean.
  2. 2. Massage your scalp well when you shampoo, to make the blood in your scalp circulate well.
  3. 3. Do not dry your scalp and hair excessively.

These are the most important points. If you have any problem symptoms, start taking better care of your scalp right away. The scalp is the field where healthy hair can grow. Therefore, it is necessary to massage and care for your scalp daily. Even if you do not have a problem now, you can still start caring for your scalp to keep it healthy. The every-day shampoo in the age of healthy scalp maintenance.

The Miyako Island logo

VITALISM products contain aloe grown on Miyako, Dr. Tomori’s native island.